Experience within 12 years
Be Began as a test lab and demonstrating workshop of micro-injection machine in 2007.Guangzhou Welldo Plastic Products Co. Ltd.specializes in making all kinds of TPR patches for gloves,plastic garment label,shoes label and other related products.The production efficiency is 6-8 times as high as the other relevant companies Supported by Chinese Science automatic center, our plastic injection production equipment is always the most advanced in the field. In addition, we strictly control the product quality, and all the products are fully inspected before shipped. so, high quality and fast delivery can be assured.Service of over 10 big brands (OEM & ODM)We are the BOSS,CAT,MCDAVID and DeWALT authorized suppliers.What is more,we have obtained the certificate of Disney of Japan.According to customers' requirements, we design and produce products, and provide customers with better improvement suggestions through our own experience.Growing together with over 100 enterprises Over the past 12 years, more than 100 enterprises have rapidly and steadily developed, due to our products and technical support. This is our greatest achievement!