Why should we use PVC instead of Embroidery for my patches?

​​PVC Labels are often used by manufacturers of outdoor products with canvas, vinyl, caps, backpack and many garment materials.

Using PVC labels, Rubber labels and Silicone labels and patches can enhance the look of your clothing and other products by adding dimension in the look and feel.  Rubber materials are used for their durability, longevity and color stability.  We produce PVC and Silicone labels not only for apparel and footwear companies, but also for the automobile and packaging industries.

PVC labels and patches are perfect for jeans, jackets, bags, footwear and other accessories, which usually need more unique brand identification methods than just woven labels.

Rubber labels, PVC labels and silicone labels and patches are excellent in expressing vivid colors with a 3D effect. You can also create your own key chains using these types of flexible material.

Although embroidered patches will make your standard uniform look amazing, they tend to wear off much and lose their amazing looks with just a few washes, or by your daily activities in the law enforcement team, unlike Rubber patches, as they will last maybe even longer than your uniform. Don’t confused them with custom Vinyl Patches, which are thinner and weaker than the sturdy but soft PVC material we use.

Here are a few reasons why PVC is taking the military units, law enforcement and commercial patches for uniforms world by a storm.

  1. …Your PVC or silicone patch can be made with a 2D or 3D design. PVC is your best choice to if you’re looking for a waterproof material that can withstand heat and cold temperatures.
  2. …PVC is an adaptable and soft plastic that can be molded to any shape and color. It allows extreme detail and precision. Soft PVC works perfect for colorful or complicated patches with small lines or small lettering.(No more ugly jump-stitching) 
  3. …PVC is flexible and lightweight yet durable like no other. Your military patches will most likely outlast your uniforms. PVC Patches are Waterproof!
  4. …one surface, multiple patch options: You can print on PVC, if your logo has small details, colors with gradients or other details we can print them onto any layer of your PVC design and create your unique PVC Printed Patches. check out our glow in the dark patches 
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